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Welcome to The Fall. It has been almost three millenia since the advent of spaceflight, and not much has changed. The once galactic Edictus, the grandest human empire ever seen, has been shattered by insurrection and unrest. Now, between the factions loyal and opposed to the Emperor, there is only war. A wide arc of the occupied galaxy approximating a third of colonized space –trillions of souls, and thirty million planets– is no more, all within thirty years. The missing Emperor has not yet fulfilled his promise to return with vindication, and many question if he ever will. Now, a galaxy weary of war and tired of destiny being taken out of their hands has decided to take action: sixty million planets yet, and untold trillions of humans on them. This is the galaxy you will join. Will you restore peace and order, or plunge the human race into further chaos?

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