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About The Fall
The 30th century, Galactic Era (GE) was a time of tremendous change. For three millennia, the galactic domain of Man had stood united and prosperous under the Emperor. The Edictus (literally, Order of the Stars), as it was called, was aptly named. Since Man had first taken to space some five millennia ago, –the rise of the Galactic Era being around 2200 AD- it had made advances in science and territory that would stagger the mind of primitive Man. In 2970 GE, though, the all-encompassing empire of Man saw massive internal unrest.

The rebellious far reaches of the Edictus, led by a man known only as the King of Man, began an open revolt against the Emperor and his forces. The King of Man, seeking the power the Emperor had, led a bloodthirsty resistance against the Emperor’s reign, proclaiming himself the true leader of Man. He preached a gospel of independence and self-service, and many dissatisfied within the Edictus believed him. The revolt was called the Kantus, and when the Edictus Fleets were unable to resist it the Kantus swept through a third of the galaxy, bearing weapons inconceivable to the human imagination and numbers never before thought possible. The mysterious weapons were later named Directed Energy weapons, DEs for short, barring any possible exploration of their true operation.

In twenty years, alone, that third of the civilized galaxy was utterly destroyed. Trillions were massacred from above with orbital bombardment with the hellish beams of Kantus DEs, and billions more were slain on the ground as the men and machines of the Kantus swept through Edictus cities like an unrelenting tide. The Emperor remained silent while the worlds of the Edictus were razed to ash. He ordered the Edictus Fleets to their doom against the Kantus, but other than that seemed able to do little. It appeared to some of his closest aides that he was silently preparing for something beyond their comprehension.

The Emperor’s plan seemed to come to fruition in 2990. Finally, at a grand conference on Earth twenty years after the first Edictus worlds died, the Emperor declared that He would purge the Kantus from the galaxy at any cost. Several days later, the Emperor disappeared. His last orders were two: to hold faith while waiting for his return, and to deploy a force named only as the Arthran. Upon hearing this, fleets claiming they were the Arthran began building above Aura, the black hole at the galaxy’s center. They, too, carried the dreadful weapons and astonishing numbers that the Kantus had. When their fleets first clashed above Aura, the Kantus were driven back for the first time. Thousands of crippled vessels, loyal and rebel alike, fell into Aura as the Arthran claimed victory against the King of Man’s forces for the first time. The Kantus were prevented from crossing the Galactic Center to strike at Earth – a first victory.

The Arthran, overjoyed at their victory, settled midway between Kantus and Edictus space, laying their fleets down on multitudes of worlds populated by former Edictus refugees and building the foundations of a mighty new empire. While drawing arms against the Kantus, the defenders of Man still drew a wary eye towards the tottering Edictus they were assigned to protect. They resented the old empire, the only one which the Emperor had graced His presence with before leaving. In time, the Arthran would deem the Edictus too unstable to survive and allow their worlds to plunder Edictus space for whatever resources they could.

At the time of this bloody victory, in 2990 GE, the unity of the Edictus crumbled. With the Emperor missing, the Edictus Fleets all but smashed, and no real chance for survival but gambling all on the unclear hopes of the Arthran, Man did not “hold faith” as ordered by the Emperor. Most of Man finally rejected the Edictus as its all-encompassing empire and became a discordant array of millions of independent worlds. This was the Fall of Man, the single greatest and most tragic event in human history. It was a decade of chaos for those millions of alliances of worlds, fighting and dying without a greater faction to support them. All, in time, came to one of the three empires for protection – pledging allegiance to the Kantus, Edictus, or Arthran in exchange for the ability to retain their political unity through their alliances.

For those that remained behind, the Edictus was a shell of its former self, banding together solely out of refuge from the horrible might of the Kantus and Arthran. There was hope, though, when Earth made public that it had the means to produce DEs, the terrible weapons used to exterminate Edictus worlds. The irony was not lost on the ancient empire as it made these weapons the new tip of their spear. Along with the Edictus, the Kantus and Arthran continued their furious battles, fueled by hate and hope alike. From here, the events of The Fall begin. Whether the Emperor will return to rout the Kantus once and for all, the King of Man will come to live up to his name, or the Edictus will manage to singlehandedly restore their old dominance without the aid of either figure is yet to be seen.

What is known is this: between the three factions, there is a great and terrible war. A wide arc of the occupied galaxy approximating a third of colonized space –trillions of souls, and thirty million planets– is no more, all within a century. A galaxy weary of war and tired of destiny being taken out of their hands has decided to take action: sixty million planets yet, and untold trillions of humans on them. The Kantus, Arthran, and Edictus, all now equal players on the field of battle, begin their first mighty strikes against each other. The year 3000, Galactic Era, may yet turn out to be a time of more tremendous change than the last thirty put together.
History and Development
The story of The Fall is a long one, one that spans more than two years, one with several name changes, many platforms shifts, and above all, far too many code resets. It was spawned from the desire of both a friend and I in 9th grade economics to take a forum role playing game to a new level; to make an interactive game. At the time I was also playing CyberNations and sought to make a similar game. Later on in development I came across Lunar Wars. I wished to correct all that I and others saw wrong with both games and make one new and better. At the time I had little programming experience did not really know how to begin. I actually was, and did, going to write a windows application that stored data as text files and accessed it via FTP. I spent 6 months on this game which was called Nova Wars. I suppose you could call it a learning experience. If I would have seen the game to completion, I have every belief it would have been an utter failure. So I reset. This new attempt was given a greater chance of success due to the fact I had just learned how to use databases, so that tool was implemented. The same also saw a shift to the Internet. Just as I was a novice programmer, I was also a novice web designer and the resulting web site looked like something descendant from Microsoft Paint. I refined my skills and made use of several themes on-line all the while improving my coding skills. A few months past with no progress in the game. I entered the summer set on finishing it. I came close, but was not satisfying with the resulting game so I reset it. This time no progress was had for several months. This past winter I began once more with a new theme and new game mechanics. I spread word to several people about it and had a few testers here and there. One of them was Phiney. I do not remember how it happened, but he became the designed on a new theme for the site just as I performed one final code reset. This occurred around early February of this year. I have worked for most of the following months up until now on this version, and finally on May 26th, it was complete. I have learned much throughout this trek, greatly enhanced my skills as a programmer and web designer, though I still cannot, for the life of me, do anything graphical, nor do I have skills with descriptive text. The former is left to Phiney and the latter to Alteron who is the sole man behind the entire plot that you will all experience. Both have and are doing a phenomenal job at what they have been tasked with. And finally, all of those who have stood by as the game was developing suffering numerous bugs, resets, account corruptions, and God knows what else. To all who have played a role in the creation of The Fall, you have my thanks, and here is to hoping it is not an utter failure.

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