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Please fill in all fields below to register your account for the Fall. Description is optional. You may use BBCode in your description. Once all fields are filled, click Register to create your account, but keep in mind that your choice of faction cannot be changed without an account reset, and you would be wise to research it beforehand by clicking on the faction’s name.

The first faction available for choice is the Arthran, the great guardians who wait for the Emperor to return with the power to destroy the Kantus. Their ground units are the strongest.

The second faction, the Kantus, are great destroyers of a third of the galaxy led by a mysterious individual known only as the King of Man. Their space units possess the most strength of all.

The third and final faction, the Edictus, are the shattered remnants of a once grand empire. Being the most established of the three, Edictus infrastructure reaps more benefit than any other.  

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